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SociVideo Jukebox Is Coming

SociVideo Jukebox Is A New App That Provides Lifetime Traffic That Schedules & Posts For You!

This genius app is going live and will be available to you tomorrow (May 24, 2017 @ 10 a.m. EST) This is your opportunity to get an early-bird discount that let’s you get no-cost, hands-free traffic that delivers big-time value.

What Is SociVideo Jukebox?

SociVideo Jukebox is a modern auto-posting tool that ’auto-fills’ it’s own posting queue…

Allowing you to schedule your content (or content it finds) once, & post strategically over & over to FaceBook or Twitter on autopilot without having to ever schedule it again several times.

Now, you can post a fresh mix of relevant videos, articles, GIFs, all day long like a big agency on autopilot… w/out having to even be at your computer.

Watch how easy it is & get a free traffic guide now

Here’s how SociVideo Jukebox works & why it’s a huge deal:

It takes just 3 easy steps to create a perpetual stream of content that posts itself for no-cost traffic:

  • Step 1: Create Your ‘Jukeboxes’. Create a ‘Jukebox’ (or category) for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot.
    i.e.: a Jukebox for viral quotes or images, videos, memes, etc.
  • Step 2: Tell The Jukeboxes What To Post Fill Each Jukebox With A Content ‘Playlist’Load up your own older content to recycle, or auto-fill your Jukeboxes w/ popular, red-hot content you search for & schedule within the app.
  • Step 3: Create A Posting Schedule And Watch The Traffic Come In. Choose when & how often each Jukebox should post to FB or Twitter… & it will shuffle & randomize the posts from each Jukebox creating a fresh cycle of content from each Jukebox all-day. (& of course, you can just schedule a 1-off post like outdated posting solutions like Buffer)

But, that’s just the start…

Groundbreaking features include:

  • Search and post 100% native creative commons videos to dominate video marketing
  • Schedule any video, GIF, article, etc. once… & have it post 100’s of times strategically on autopilot forever
  • Cherry-pick other peoples proven, red-hot content to post from a library of RSS feeds you create
  • Don’t have any content to post? Search for relevant videos, news articles, & other peoples proven content to 1-click schedule & curate over & over again
  • Easy delete or reschedule any content that’s not pulling traffic as you’re in full control of what your brand puts out
  • & far more

1. Here’s what to do now:

Watch how easy it is & get a free traffic guide now

2. Then, at 10am EST get Soci-Video Jukebox here for an earlybird discount & lifetime access.

Go there now to register to win a copy & get a traffic training guide for no cost.

Again, the free traffic tips guide won’t be available long so make sure to download it ASAP.

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